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Nick Douglass-Shire

Founder and CEO of Daswagger, is a multimedia artist at work. However, due to his One-Man approach in creating films, music, and other pieces, in terms of production he is only limited to a Samsung phone from 2018, cheapest tripod money can buy, and a wired lapel. Considering this limitation, the content he makes is quality enough to ensure viewers are entertained, amused, and satisfied by what they watch and listen to.

Currently, he pursues a college education which is not in line to his career at all, and that's okay with him. Regardless, Nick has created a small following on other platforms where he continues to share his work with, free of charge. His goal in life is to change how the media's perception to the people are, especially those in the Film industry.

Daswagger, a TSBC umbrella, is a company focused on media consultations, concept designing, and content creation that continues to be the bastion of hope for Nick, and the field of Entertainment industry. Founded in 2018 as a mock-up company, Daswagger has been realized as a production company more than a consulting and designing firm for multimedia purposes.

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