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There is not much to do anymore.

Updated: September 24, 2023 by Nick
Before that, the internet was filled with fun, entertaining and interactive cultures ever born. But lately, there’s been none of that.

It’s not just because these same companies removed features people enjoy, or made everything uniform and too corporate to look at, but because these expressions were a threat to their economy, and profits. They weren’t earning enough.

Where are the things that made them unique? Made them appealing to all, anywhere in the world, and maybe across galaxies. Gone years ago. We just stopped caring and instead of having the time of your life, we made it competitive.

I know competitions okay, for the sake of creating an ever-better product, which quality is superior, how can rivals improve? Now, there’s nothing like that. Everyday we see the same companies, over and over, churning out products that makes consumers buy more, instead of what’s actually durable, everlasting, and finally, fun.

Thing is about not having much to do anymore, is that we, the people gave up on trying to live a life, because every day, societies would much rather build wider roads that takes up a quarter of space, instead of playgrounds, leisure centers, and for recreation. Even if we object, they’ll end up doing some anyway.

Now we’re on our phones watching videos, scrolling through porn and smoking weed, and the same people who grew up older, bitter and hostile, blames us for a lot of things we’re not even directly part of. How come there’s no sense of unity, when some people argue for tiny reasons? Like parking spaces, certain types of people not welcome in the area, or most notably, race and genders?

I don’t get why it needs to be so vocal, like every year there’s already awareness every day, month or weeks into it, and yet some simply just didn’t learn.

Trust me, you’ll be better when you have something to do, but there isn’t one. There’s no place like it, unless you get on your car, and drive 100 meters to it, when you can just walk. Why won’t western countries do that?

You can play your guitar, play in the yard, or the playgrounds if it exists, run a track, play ball games. But out of all of these activities that you can do, nothing beats a flying kite.

Why would you want to see a flying cloth in the sky, attached to a rope?

Is like asking why are you so fascinated on a plastic bag mid-air?

Sure, to you, it is not fun, but let me have my own. People like you blame us for being on our phones and some crap, while you disrupt the things, we love doing the most. And that’s not on us, but what happens from now, is on you.

I know it’s too much, but this is what others get when there’s not much to do anymore.

Honestly, it wouldn’t be much better before, than what we have now. We just have to assemble it, that’s all. Most of us probably miss our childhoods. When Vine was a thing, when YouTube had it’s 5-stars ratings instead of likes and dislikes, when wasn’t TikTok at all.

I never participated in these things, not just because I wasn’t allowed to, but we just haven’t got the technology yet to create or do such a thing, until 2015 at least in where I live. You Americans got iPhones since 2007, while we’d use those phones that has keyboards on them.

When you think of nothing, eventually you’ll have to think of something, there’s no point in avoiding to have not much to do, in fact, you’ll contribute more to society, if you don’t object to your part, whether you made it, or didn’t. It’s so hard doing nothing anymore.