The Frequently Asked

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Empty. Like the void where we came from. We won't know and possibly ever know the source of our existence. Most people say that we're from evolution, God, or other beliefs. I don't buy into those, but only feel and experience the blessings and grace of creation, the universe, for us.

Since the dawn of inventions, advancements in our engineering, have propelled us to today, we only know how to move forwards, but backwards is a different story to tell. If humanity's wish is to have technology rule our lives, then as we get enamored by it, our function would be so obsolete, we'd barely even move at all.

Unlike obsolescence, the break down of objects that mattered to us overtime, emptiness never becomes a part of this, and only time will tell when it would become obsolete as far as our human understanding know.

Empty. Like the soul of an introverted man who barely talks, or make friends. Although this may render people socially incapable of feeling, we need help when we deserve it. Considering that this page is empty just because it is, doesn't mean it should stay as one with a label, but rather with how we convey and deliver into nothing, but the vast void of blackness.

Once again, Empty.